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ES 41 TK 2Ö endebryter

Produktnummer: 1046547

ekskl. mva.

Position switch (41536901)

Position switch (41536901)

Steute ES 41 TK 2Ö

Position switch

Material number: 1046547
(Material number old: 41536901)

  • Metal enclosure
  • Slow action, 2 NC contacts with double break
  • 3 cable entries M16 x 1.5
  • Actuator: Spring rod with plastic tip TK
  • Wear-resistant plastic tip
  • Spring rod can be actuated from any direction
  • Elasticity of the spring allows for deflection above the max. switching angle

Contact diagram

Switching diagram

Oprinnelses land Tyskland
HS kode 85365080