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Safe radar system LBK

Reliable area monitoring in harsh environments

The world's first safe 3D radar system, LBK from Inxpect S.p.A., was developed for the monitoring of hazardous areas in harsh industrial environments. It detects the bodies of persons and in doing so monitors the protected area for access and presence. Using the controllers, up to 6 sensors can be combined in one application.




Advantages for you

  • Reliable operation, even under harsh ambient conditions with, e.g., dirt, dust, smoke, and light
  • Flexible adaptation of the protected area to the application: by means of the number and position of the sensors as well as adjustable operating range and selectable opening angle
  • Static objects in the protective field are permissible and do not result in shutdown of the safety outputs
  • Fast installation through simple system design
  • PROFIsafe controller with detailed output of the system status
  • If desired, configuration and setup service for your application by our certified experts



Reliable operation under demanding environmental conditions

The radar principle is resistant to environmental influences such as dirt, dust, sawdust, smoke, oil, humidity and light. This guarantees reliable operation of the machine even under demanding environmental conditions and avoids unnecessary shutdown.


They monitor the protected area for access by and the presence of persons. Even persons who are standing still are not really "static", and are therefore detected reliably by the sensor.
Thanks to the 3D radar principle, areas on steps or pedestals and behind non‑metallic shadowing can also be monitored.




Static objects permitted in protected area

The radar technology reacts sensitively to movements. However, static objects in the monitored area do not cause the safety signal to switch off. Static objects such as pallets, material containers and tool trays are therefore allowed to be placed in the protected area.

Abbildung Systemaufbau mit vier Sensoren in einer Anwendung mit Sicherheits Radarsystem

Simple system design

To guard larger areas, the controller can be used to combine up to 6 sensors in one application. The parameters of the system are adapted to the application using the easy-to-operate configuration software. With the LBK-ISC-Bus-PS PROFIsafe controller, the system can easily be integrated into a fieldbus. Detailed information about the status of the system is thereby also made available.