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FRENIC Mini fra Fuji Electric

Product information

Main functions and features

High Performance and Multipurpose

High performance and multipurpose

●Dynamic Torque Vector Control System

Fuji Electric original dynamic torque vector control system is known for its top-of-the line performance, delivering stabile torque output even at low speeds. This feature has a wide range of applications, including conveyors and high-inertia loads that demand high starting torque.

●Slip Compensation shortens setting time

The slip compensation controller works with voltage tuning for even more accurate speed control at low velocity. This reduces speed control variability and stabilizing creep speed for more accurate stopping in conveyors and similar equipment.

●Fastest CPU Processor in its Class

Advanced CPU processes data at twice the speed of our current model


Full Compatibility and User Friendly Design

Full Compatibility and User Friendly Design

Note: Three-phase 200V 0.1–0.75kW dimensions shown (mm(inch))

External dimensions Interchangeable
Installed dimensions Interchangeable
Number of terminals Same for both main circuit and controllers
Terminal position Compatible terminal wire length
Function codes Compatible function codes
RS-485 communication Shared communications protocol

Easy Operation and Maintenance



Delivers all the usability of the C1. Provides volume of frequency and the same ease of operation as the current model.

●USB Keypad

Optional USB keypad available. Enhanced PC loader connectivity.

·PC loader software available as a free download

●Improve Maintainability

Function Description
Mock malfunction Select a function to set off a mock alarm
Number of startups Count the total number of ON/OFF run cycles
Cumulative motor running time Monitor motor run time
Total power Set to measure total power consumption
Trip history Saves and displays information on up to four past trips

Energy Optimization

●Optimum Energy Control

Motor tuning minimizes power loss

Energy use optimizer

●PID Control Function

Permits motor operation while controlling temperature, pressure, and flow rate without the use of a temperature controller or other external device

●Cooling Fan ON/OFF Control Function

The cooling fan can be switched off when the fan or pump is not running to reduce both noise and energy consumption

●Synchronous Motor Control

Use of sensorless synchronous motor control together with the motor can reduce energy consumption


Network Capabilities

RS-485 communications port

●RS-485 Communications Port as Standard

Communications can be controlled through the standard RS-485 communications port using the Modbus-RTU or Fuji Electric inverter protocol


Other Features

●Functions for User Applications

V/F (non-linear 3 step) Two motor parameter sets
Brake signal (brake release signal) Rotational direction control (prevent forward/reverse movement)

●Global Standard

EC Directives (CE making)


UL standard (cUL certification)

Min side