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FRENIC AQUA fra Fuji Electric

Product information

The first slim-type inverter specialized in energy-saving from Fuji Electric.
Achieves a great effect on power-saving of pumps and blowers!
Contributes drastically to cost reduction by cutting power consumption!

The water business market including water purification plants and wastewater plants has continued to grow in recent years. Using a large volume of water, cost reduction is required and it largely depends on how efficiently water can be managed. It is of course achieved by reducing the amount of water to be used, however, the reduction in power consumption in water transfer and supply also allows significant cost reduction.
And the key to that is the dedicated inverter which controls pumps and motors.
The FRENIC-AQUA series, a Fuji’s new product, helps energy-saving of pumps, eliminating ineffectual operations by adjusting the amount of water properly to produce a significant effect both on electricity conservation and on cost reduction.

Wide variation in model capacity

Model can be selected from two model types.

■Standard type (EMC filter built-in type)

0.75 to 710kW (Protective structure IP21 or IP55 can be selected between 0.75 and 90kW.)

■DCR built-in + EMC filter built-in type

0.75 to 90kW (Protective structure IP21 or IP55 can be selected between 0.75 and 90kW.)

Inverter capacity EMC filter DC reactor Protective structure
0.75kW to 90kW Built-in Built-in IP21/IP55
110kW to 710kW Built-in External IP00

* The models with inverter capacity 45kW to 710kW are coming soon.

Optimum control by energy-saving functions

  • Linearization function
  • Temperature difference constant control and pressure difference constant control
  • Energy saving functions including wet-bulb temperature presumption control
  • Automatic energy-saving operation

Dedicated pump control function provided as standard

  • 4PID control
  • Cascade control
  • Mutual operation
  • Control of maximum starts per hour
  • Dry pump detection
  • Deceleration time for check valve protection
  • Slow flowrate function
  • End of curve detection
  • Boost function
  • Acceleration and deceleration at initial stage

Slim body

The first slim body design among the Fuji Electric inverters.
The size is the same between IP21 and IP55 (the first in the industry).

User-friendly, useful functions

  • Fire Mode (forced operation)
  • Customized logic
  • Pick-up operation function
  • Anti-jam
  • Torque vector control
  • Password function
  • Real time clock
  • User friendly, useful key pad

Stand alone

  • The inverter can be installed independently; no control panel is required.
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