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Ex 13 WPH 1Ö/1S 10m endebryter

Produktnummer: 1045167

ekskl. mva.

Ex position switch with safety function (13020906)

Ex position switch with safety function (13020906)

 EX 13 WPH 1Ö/1S - 10M

Ex position switch with safety function

Material number: 1045167
(Material number old: 13020906)

  • Ex zone 1 and 21
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Double insulated 
  • Suitable for in-line mounting
  • With pre-wired cable, cable length 10 m
  • Actuator: Parallel roller lever with collar WPH
  • Actuating speed max. 0.5 m/s with an actuating angle of 30°
  • Actuation parallel to switch from below
  • Metal roller
  • Watertight collar for protection against penetration of dirt
  • N.B.: Please state required international approvals with your order!


  • With plastic roller available on request
  • Actuator can be repositioned by 180° on request

Switching diagram

Contact diagram

Actuating angleα - Actuating angle from bottom of switch axis as shown in picture

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