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Ex 14 RUV 1Ö/1S-1m

Produktnummer: 1045526

ekskl. mva.

Gammelt art.nr: 14059301 Nødstoppbryter for Ex

Gammelt art.nr: 14059301 Nødstoppbryter for Ex

 EX 14 RUV 1Ö/1S-1M

Ex command device

Material number: 1045526
(Material number old: 14059301)

  • Ex zone 1 and 21
  • Double insulated 
  • Mounting hole diameter 22.5 mm
  • With pre-wired cable
  • Actuator: Emergency-stop push-button RUV
  • Actuator made of plastic
  • Projection from front of panel 41 mm
  • With collar to prevent blocking
  • Reset by turning clockwise
  • With pressure-point to protect against unintentional actuation
  • N.B.: Please state required international approvals with your order!

Contact diagram

Switching diagram

Cut out dimensions

Oprinnelses land Tyskland
HS kode 85365080