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Flexible actuator AZM 415-B2

Produktnummer: 1171890

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Accessories for Ex AZM 415 / Ex AZP 415 (01.08.0176)

Accessories for Ex AZM 415 / Ex AZP 415 (01.08.0176)


Accessories for Ex AZM 415 / Ex AZP 415

Material number: 1171890
(Material number old: 01.08.0176)

  • Especially suitable for sliding and hinged guards
  • Actuating radius on hinged guards b = 250 mm
  • Axial misalignment x = 36 mm


  • The actuator is not included in the delivery of the switches
  • Removal of the actuator can be prevented by fitting dowel pins in the holes provided.
  • The distance between the flange of the actuator and the switch enclosure must be less than 3 mm when the actuator is inserted.
  • Adjustment by turning hexagonal screw

Actuating radii






The axis of the hinge should be x mm above the top edge
of the safety switch and in the same plane.
a = Actuating radius to the plane of the actuator
b = Actuating radius in line with the plane of the actuator
x = Axial misalignment

Attention! x must be referred to the surface of the enclosure and not to the inserted actuator!

Distance between actuator/enclosure


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