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RF 13 DS SW868 Trådløs endebryter

Produktnummer: 1378094

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Wireless position switch

Wireless position switch

RF 13 DS SW868

Wireless position switch

Material number: 1378094

  • sWave® wireless technology
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Smallest self-sufficient position switch
  • Switching behaviour/ hysteresis similar to microswitch
  • No power supply, no wiring and pipe laying required
  • Easy programming of receiver
  • Output signal can be individually configurated at the receiver
  • Actuator: Adjustable rocking lever DS
  • Wear-resistant plastic roller
  • Lever can be repositioned in 10° steps clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Actuator can be repositioned by 180°


  • With metal roller available on request
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